My mother is a Snow Bird, and has arrived in FL (yea ??)

She saw my Garmin C330, and spent the next whole day telling me what a waste it was.

A few days later, I took her with to a Dr. Appt, and then shopping, She got directions to a place I never heard of, and I programmed it into the GPS.
She insisted we use her notes, and got lost really quickly due to road construction by the airport.
I told her to watch, and told GPS to "GO"
We were their in less than 5 min., and got out/Home as easly.
She made me take her the next day and she bought a C330.

I still have hers, as I am loading all the address of family and friends into the thing.

Since she drives from PA to Florida, I think she is really going to use this thing alot.

Just wanted to share.



Welcome to the site Tracy, it is great to have you here.
That is great. I love getting other people hooked onto my latest hobby. My dad is a big techno geek and he and JM are always comparing notes on their new toys. One gets one and a few weeks later you can count on the other one following suit.
My mom is really happy that we discovered Tivo, it has changed her life forever.
Now if I could just convince my girlfriends that it is me that is dysfunctional and not my GPS they might get on board too.
I went out to lunch with them a while back and instead of looking up the address in the phone book first and then putting it in my machine.
I decided to just look for the restaurant in my database. It was not there and I got lost trying to remember the directions that my friend had told me (which I chose not to listen to because I have super GPS skills). I finally found it but I was about 10 minutes late for lunch. I was once again laughed at by all but I learned my lesson. Check to make sure the place is in the GPS before leaving the house.

WAL-MART data base in error, but easily fixed

I don't know where to put this, so I'll put it here.

I downloaded a database of Wal-Marts and it wouldn't load. I looked inside it, using Excel, and the first two columns were reversed! That is, the latitudes were in the first column and the longitudes were in the second. Twenty seconds of copying and pasting got it fixed, and it loaded immediately. I forget where the data came from.

(BBQ Man)