Proxcimity Alerts for Non-Route POIs


I've experimented with creating CSV files and setting up alerts. At least with CSV files, the only way an alert is triggered is if you are on the road that the PIO is on.

I've downloaded several POI files that contain PIOs such as lighthouses, rapids, trails, waterfalls, craters, etc.

I travel a lot and would like to know, say, if I'm within 5 miles of a crater site. Even if I'm not on the direct road to which it is connected.

I can't do that with CSV files. Can this be done if I convert the Craters.csv file on this site to the GPX format? Is there an editor for GPX files to make it easy to add XML tags to setup non-route proximity alerts for these kinds of things?

Thanks for all the help! This is a wonderful community. I hope I can start adding value soon, rather than just new user questions.

-- Dave

Good Question Dave.

I have the Nuvi 660 and would like to do the same thing. Rather than have a page showing all Wendy's and the direction from me, have them show up on the screen as an icon.
That is the way the one in my car does. When you ask for a POI, as long as the scale is less than 1/4 mile, they show up on the screen as icons.
It will be interesting to see if that is possible. Sure would make a big difference when traveling on back roads with no loaded route


-- 660

Read up on the tourguide faq

Read up on the tourguide faq

Convert your craters.csv to a tourguide file. Once done, it should create an alert that has a circular proximity instead of an "along road" proximity.

I bought my sister a Delphi

I bought my sister a Delphi for Christmas. I used it myself. and the POI popup everywhere. (Gas, wifi..etc)
I like it so much I purchase a GPS myself. Nuvi 200W
The Nuvi200 does not popup. But does everything the cheaper model does. ( and less)