Creating a POI Data base


I am just starting this POI Stuff.

We are planning a trip to Germany over the Christmas holidays.

I have Garmins City Navigator which is loaded with POI's.

But this is what I would like to do.

As we are reading about all of the cool places we might want to see, I would like to create a custom database of POIs for each of them. I would like to load them using Garmin's POI loader in the custom POI's and have them show up as special icons or maybe even with an alarm.

I have Europe Autoroute and access to Mapquest, Google Earth, and Garmin's Mapsource. I have found that Mapsource works with POI loader but the find does not work as well as I like.

Does anyone know an easy way to input addresses (not lat and long) to something and get .csv files out so that I can use Garmins POI loader.


I was told Google Earth can save into Garmin .cvs files.

I do know that you can enter addresses or Lat/Long into GOOGLE EARTH.

Hope this helps

I'm going to play with the same thing this weekend.