How do I share a .gpx file to seek help with file?


I have a .gpx file that Garmin POI Loader indicates is invalid. How do I share the file so others can help me troubleshoot? I tried pasting the text file in the discussion, however the file doesn't look like it should when I posted it.

I am leaving tomorrow ... and starting to panic because I can't figure out what's wrong with the gpx file ... my other ones look fine, and i don't see any differences when i compare them side-by-side .

Thanks in advance for help!

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philphactor wrote:

I have a .gpx file that Garmin POI Loader indicates is invalid.

Try taking a copy of it, changing the extension to .xml, rather than .gpx. It should then open in Internet Explorer. If there are 'structural' errors, the xml parser built-in to IE will show you them.

Quite often though, it's just POI Loader being finnicky...that can take a bit more guesswork to fix.
The official test for a 'valid' .gpx file is given here: - but, IMHO, it's not overly useful - not in a Garmin context anyway.

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GPX Files

You may also be able to use GPXtoPOI to convert the gpx file to csv. Then, it should be pretty easy to see what's wrong using Excel.

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Problem Resolved!

Thanks for the help!