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I've recently purchased the 350 and I'm trying to make some custom POI's. At the moment, I'd like to make one for a speed trap near my house.

My problem is finding correct coordinates. I downloaded google earth and let it locate the address in question. I wrote them down and when I uploaded it to the unit, it had the file and the .mp3 for the trap in there, however, it was several miles off of the location on the map.

My big question? What are most people using to find accurate locations?

Ideally, I'd like to type an address into the nuvi and touch coordinates, then have it give me the correct location to make my file. I've had no luck doing this.

Thoughts? suggestions?

Thanks for the help.

I find this site to be

I find this site to be reliable. It can tell you the coordinates of a single or multiple sites.

Go Blackhawks

I have a great workflow for this

I use GeePeeEx Editor for this, found at

All within this single application and without jumping around from multiple sites, this is my workflow:

  • Enter an address.
  • Click GeoCode. This returns the coordinates and shows me if the accuracy is known to be an individual address or if the address lookup only gets me to the town or street level. It plugs in the coordinates found, as well as correcting the address to what is matched in the GeoCoding process. I can choose to accept these corrections or leave the address as I originally entered it. (I might have entered Johnson Drive and it might get corrected to Johnson Dr for example.)
  • Click Show Map. Shows this location on a Google Map on the same screen. Has a Satellite view button so I can see that, too. I can drag the cross-hair to fine-tune the coordinates if I desire.
  • Click update and it will update the coordinates from where I dragged the cross-hair to.
  • Enter a description or other text if desired. I sometimes copy/paste data from a company web site, for example. This field allows a LOT of data to be entered/pasted if you want.
  • Enter distance or speed information if I want this POI to alert me at any specific distance or speed.
  • Continue with next POI item or save the gpx file to my Garmin POI folder.
  • Run POILoader to transfer it to the GPS.
  • So this single program performs the basic steps:
    Search for coordinates based on an address.
    Direct manual entry of address and/or coordinates.
    View map or sat view to verify.
    Adjust coordinates graphically or through manual entry.
    Add comments, icons, sound alerts if desired.
    Save it, ready to be downloaded to the Nuvi.

    You have to pay $18 US for it, but I found the ease of workflow to be well worth it. There is a trial version that limits your number of POI's to only 5 so you can try it out.

    Oh, and as for your desire to have the Nuvi 350 give you the coordinates, there are a couple ways to do that. Since you have to use some sort of editor anyway, searching from within the editor seemed the most logical for me and made for the simplest workflow. With my Nuvi 350, sometimes "on the fly" I get a coordinate of where I am by tapping the vehicle icon and tapping Save. This saves it as a Favorite. Later at home I load the current.gpx file (that's your Favorites) into GeePeeEx Editor and merge that entry into my POI file and delete it from the Favorites.

    Much appreciated

    Thanks to both of you.

    used visualizer

    I used the visualizer and the co-ordinates, so now the map looks right.

    It now shows proximately alert and address but speed shows: none

    I'd like to show 45 and there was a discussion on how to format it somewhere on here but I can't seem to find it. It would be something like "speed trap @ 45"


    found it


    Found the format, edited the file and now it displays just like I want it too.

    Since it's a 45 mph zone, I'll have to go blazing by @ 60, so I can be sure the alert is working right.

    add the @45 and use express...

    steve0580 wrote:

    It now shows proximately alert and address but speed shows: none

    I'd like to show 45 and there was a discussion on how to format it somewhere on here but I can't seem to find it. It would be something like "speed trap @ 45"

    My own limited experience with the POI Loader is if you use the manual mode and try to enter in a distance, then the speed isn't used, even if you add it to the file name like you mentioned.

    So instead I use express mode and put the @45 at the end of the name... e.g. Local School Zones@20.gpx

    I am not sure if you can put spaces in or not, but I don't and it works. When you do it this way it will put it both the speed and calculate a distance based on the speed. I think it uses some minimum time to alert based on speed. The default distances seem to be fine as far as I am concerned.


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    You're right as far as the speed is concerned. Before I added the "speed@45", it set a proximity distance of 1375 ft. After I put the speed limit in, it set it to 2375 ft.

    I'm a noob and have had the unit less than a week, so I'm sure I'll be looking for plenty of guidance.

    My file extensions are .csv

    What is express mode?

    For local speed traps, I

    For local speed traps, I save the coordinates (when I am passing the spot) to my favorites and then when I get home, open the gpx file with POIEdit and save it as a csv file. Actually I I just copy the coordinates to my existing file.

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    That's a great idea, Asian.

    That's a great idea, Asian. I'll definately have to use it, although I'll have to find POIedit. I'm not familiar with the program.

    I'd like to see a state by state speed trap forum started. That way, when someone posts the coordinates, I can just add it to my file and make the update.

    For that matter, maybe we could start a POI for nationwide speed traps and just have someone update it as more become known/submitted.

    If anyone knows where the speed traps are, it's the locals. When I'm driving around an area that I'm not too familiar with, it would be a tremendous asset. Not that any of us speed, of course.

    Someone posted a speed trap website and I've looked at it but the problem is that they list intersections.

    On the 350, I can type in two roads and go to the intersection on the map but I need a way to find the coordinates. Other than picking out some sort of establishment near there and find its' coordinates, I have to think there is a better way.