Cannot view all locations in C550


I have the Garmin C550.

When upload a larger CSV file, such as the Walgreens file or the Apple Computer Store file, and then I try to scroll through the list of locations on the Garmin unit, it won't go any further than about a dozen location listings or so. How come?

It should show the closest

It should show the closest 50 locations to where it thinks that you are at.

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Near... button perhaps?

Not sure if your GPS differs from my Nüvi 200, but before you go into the EXTRAS section to find the Custom POIs, on the bottom of the screen it says "Near..." which means it is currently set up to only search the nearest locations. If you click that you can switch to other options like picking the city you want to see the locations for or if you are currently tracking a long a route, you can pick for it to show you along your route or near your destination.


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