Voice on 650 stuttering


I have a nuvi 650 for a few weesks, the small problem is the voice on TTS is stuttering. Thought because of firmware. Check to see it is 4.20. Any ideals

PS. By the way, a great site you guys have here.

Try different voice

Have you thought about switching to a different voice..I have not had any trouble, I have a 650 and have switched from Karen and I think Jill. No stutter..are you running the Mp3 player at the time sometimes I think this does cause some problems..

Dave_ Nuvi 660 , 760,1490LMT Wooster, Ohio

No mp3

Thank you for fast replying,

Yes, I did try to swich vocies between them. However, either more or less the problem still there. I like the Australian Karen the best, accent is kind sexy smile but it is also stuttering the worse. Jill is lot better.

No, I don't play mp3 in gps

Again, thanks Zecpull