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Great site. Already bucked up and expect to be here often!

Just got the magellan 4040 for Christmas. Trying to upload a POI onto it using the supplied USB cable. I plugged it in, computer recognizes the magellan but I have no software or interface to upload. Is there some kind of user interface that should pop up?

On the screen of the unit it says: The USB is connected.Please follow instructions from PC application for updating maps etc etc

What PC Application? Where can I get it? Looked on magellan site (useless). Have all disks.

Thanks all.


One of your disks should

One of your disks should contain the POI Editor software that needs to be installed.

Thanks Jagfan......I did

Thanks Jagfan......I did install that. Now I see I had to open the POI in the editor and save it onto the Magellan. Duh.

Was able to follow instructions in the posts here and install OK. It (red light) shows up in the points on interest/enhanced POI.

When I click the enhanced POI I see a screen with a "select category" button and a "change my POI file" button. The top bar says "Enhanced Redlight-Cameras.

I click the "select category" and see the red light file with all the data.

2 questions.....if I upload another POI will that just be an additional button under "select category" or does it overwrite? Now that this is installed does it mean if I'm driving the alert will automatically happen or do I need to do anything else?