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I currently own two Garmin bean bag mounts. Purchased one for my old GPS V. Another came with a 2610. Now I own a Nuvi 760. I almost can't stand the thought of having to purchase an entirely new bean bag mount when all I need is the plastic adapter. Of course Garmin support is no help.

Anyone have a beam bag mount that they don't need the plastic adapter? Let me know...

Garmin GPS V, Garmin Streetpilot 2610, Garmin Nuvi 760

Closest I found to Free

This link has the piece you are looking for with the adhesive dash mount included.

I hope this helps.


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Thanks, that is indeed what

Thanks, that is indeed what I am looking for. So I just popped many hundreds of dollars fo a 760. Why does it bother me that this thing is on eBay for $24? Especially when Dell is selling the bean bag and this peice for $29? I must be insane to care about a few bucks...

Garmin GPS V, Garmin Streetpilot 2610, Garmin Nuvi 760


Try asking Garming to send it to you gratis. Be nice and explain to them the situation. I've always found them to be honest nad pleasant.

part number you need is

part number you need is 145-00775-55

I tried that route and

I tried that route hautedawg and received a very nice sorry we can't help you. It was the answer I was expecting but it would have been nice of them.

Thanks Aaron for the part number. I believe there are several of the mounts Bill mentioned available on eBay and I will likely go that route.

Thanks to everyone for the help.

Garmin GPS V, Garmin Streetpilot 2610, Garmin Nuvi 760

Year Later - I Need the Mount

My Christmas gift is an upgrade from my 5-year old Street Pilot 2610 to a nuvi 765. I sent email to Garmin Product Support and they advised I needed the 145-00775-55 plastic piece to mount the 765 into the support I've been using for the 2610. But they didn't tell me where I can buy a 145-00775-55.
Can anyone advise where to buy this bracket?



You better email Garmin again and ask where you get it.

If I Google that part the only thing I get is this forum discussion.

make a phone call

I have found you get farther with a call than email, i think it is a more personal thing on the phone than with a email. try it, nothing to loose but some time waiting for a csr.

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Garmin goose neck for bean bag mount.

You can call 1-800-800-1020 (Garmin Support), choose the customer support line and have them process an order for part number 145-00775-55. I believe it is $5. Shipping will probably be more than the part.

I hope this helps.

Mounting horn for bean bag mount, Garmin Part # 145-00775-55

I was able to order two of these direct from Garmin for $5 each, plus $8 shipping and handling. I haven't received them yet, but they assured me that it would enable me to use the 2 beanbag mounts I have for my iQue 3600 with my new Nuvi 760. The Garmin Product Support Team initially told me that no such part existed, but when pressed they did more research, found the part number and told me to call Garmin and ask for the part. You can't order it off the web site, you have to call Garmin's 800 number.