Garmin: nüvi 750 & 760


hello, just bought the new garmin nuvi the 750, anyone else got one, how do you like it? thanks, john

Garmin nuvi 750 user in Phoenix AZ

oooh i'm still fidgiting

oooh i'm still fidgiting with it..its does alot more than the old 200 been finding out more and more kewl things about it on here as time goes by...

Just got mine on Christmas

Just got mine on Christmas day. It replaced my Garmin 350 after my wife confiscated it for her car. Lots of neat features but will have to get back to you on what it all does. Looks great. Got to test for a while.

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flyinggatorjohn wrote:

hello, just bought the new garmin nuvi the 750, anyone else got one, how do you like it? thanks, john

My wife got the c580, and I got the nuvi 750 for xmas. The MSN cable that came with the c580 will work with the nuvi, so I have had fun playing with that. The 750 has lots of nice features.

I play mp3 files through the car stereo, though I did not have good results with the FM transmitter. Too much noise/static. Placement of the power cable had a lot to do with that, but it just did not work well when I had the GPS mounted where it was convenient. I use a cassette adapter to connect to the stereo and that works well. Perhaps in some cars the FM transmitter would work better.

It is very thin, so it fits in a pocket easily, and had a pedestrian mode so it can be used for navigating on foot in cities, though it is not intended for hiking.

One feature that I did not know about ahead of time was the speed limit. On major highways, the speed limit is displayed on the left side of the screen. The other Garmins I have played with (c530, c580) don't have this.

The screen is wider than the c580, which is nice, but not really a good reason to choose it over others.

I really love the "where am I" feature, which gives lat/long coords, nearest intersection, etc. Good for emergencies. There are links on that screen for nearest hospitals, police stations, fuel, and a link to save the location to favorites. Coordinates can also be entered directly, and then navigated to.

It has a trip log feature, which shows the path traveled since the last time it was reset. Good for retracing a route.

I also like the route planning feature, where multiple points can be included in a single route and stored for later use. No external program is needed for this feature (though I suspect Mapsource could be used for this).

I have used the MSN Direct cable from my wife's c580, I was glad that the subscription is for the cable, so we can trade the cable back/forth between our two GPSs. The MSN service provides traffic, gas prices, weather, and movie times. We are undecided yet about the traffic service since we have not driven through any area yet with big traffic problems, but I suspect the information will be lagging real time somewhat. However, it also includes road construction and closed roads which is helpful. The gas prices are reasonably timely, and the display tells how current the prices are (today, yesterday, two days ago, etc.) We are close to the middle of the coverage area, so signal strength has not been a problem. I have driven out of the coverage area, and discovered all the gas prices and movie times were for locations inside the coverage are only. Not a big deal for us, most of our travels will be inside coverage areas. If we are going to a movie, it will be close to home anyway.

I love mine.

Bob R.

I love mine

I love my 750! Be sure to download and run the WebUpdater from Garmin's site. There have been several updates in the last two months.

I can confirm that MapSource is useful for managing and backing up routes because I blew mine away with the last update (be warned) and was able to restore them.