No "North compass indicator" on Nuvi 750?


Oh Nuts!! On the Nuvi 350 while driving there was a "north" compass indicator off to the side..just noticed on my new 750 it is not present..anyway to get that on the 750 or is it just common to the 350 series?

It's not on a Nuvi 660 either

It didn't take me long to no longer miss it when I went from the 350 to 660...give it time, you'll soon not miss it too smile

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Use the map view

Tap the screen to bring up the flat map view and north will be up. Just look which way your car is pointing. smile I have a compass built into my dash readout and I think the only time I've ever looked at it was when I was test driving the car.

No north arrow on a 750. I

No north arrow on a 750. I don't miss it, though.

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