Roadmate 760 POI software


When i received my GPS the POI CD did not work properly, i didn't think much of it at the time. Now that i found this site i would like to add custom POI onto my GPS. Does anyone know where i can download the POI File editor for the Roadmate 760? The cd that came with my device says v1.07


Called magellan support - POI editor out of stock

They told me part number 500188 if that helps anyone.
I asked for a website where I can download it - not available.
I asked - can I order it - no.


Doesn't surprise me, thats

Doesn't surprise me, thats why i asked here instead of trying to contact anyone from magellan. I found a newer version 3.xx but i guess it's not compatible with the Roadmate 760 because any file i copy over does not work.

Thanks anyway!

I have the same problem! And

I have the same problem! And Magellan is useless (MORE THAN USELESS) any way I am looking for someone that knows a place I can download it or if they have the CD and want to sell it, I would be interested in talking to you!

POI Manager

Maybe if you Google-ed POI_MGR.exe