Christmas Lights POIs


I created a POI for the Christmas lights that were published in our local paper. Should/could that be shared? It's the addresses of private homes that go overboard and REALLY decorate their houses.

Share please

I have added a few of those files to the site already this week, please share them with us grin

Miss POI

I did a cursory search and

I did a cursory search and didn't see the files. What category are they under?

Yeah, I made one up too and

Yeah, I made one up too and went to a few of them, man the first two were really amazing!! It was so bright on the street, it looked like day and there were even lights at the tip tops of the trees.

Be glad to share, but unless you are in the Richmond, VA area, they would pretty much be useless.

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events and festivals

I put them under events since they are a once a year thing smile
Miss POI

Holiday Lights

I did one for The Palm Beaches, Florida, this week. Look here:

Happy Holidays to all.

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Done! They're in the

Done! smile

They're in the event/festival section. Unfortunately they're somewhat time sensitive. It's the list that was published in the Press Democrat (a Santa Rosa, CA newspaper).


I have them up here is the link

Miss POI

WOW! You're fast. It'll be


You're fast.

It'll be interesting to see how many people in the North Bay think to find a Christmas Light POI and download it.