Finding Mileage Between To Points


Here is a site that will let you get directions , online maps,mileage,road trips for free

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Not for me

This site only supports Micro$oft Internet Explorer. I refuse to use IE

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Map Link

Hey auggie, thanks for the link!

Finding Mileage between points


The browser Safari works very well on this site.
Thanks for digging this one up!


Firefox 2

Also works well with Firefox 2

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What about Google?

Just in case this isn't common knowledge, if you use along with:


You can get your existing tracks/waypoints displayed on a map (including a satellite image or topo-style map) or convert your online mapped route to a GPX file. Also gives directions, distance, time and you can search for POIs. The Google Maps interface is about 100x better than anything else out there too. smile You can even modify your route by clicking and dragging it off to a new location.