When the new maps are out for the garmin's sometime later this year will downloading them and updating them to your unit also update the POI's that are factory set in the unit as well? like for instance any new Wal-Mart stores that were built since the past year will they now be in your unit after install? Thanks


in a sense yes

The updates will give you more things that were built but not everything. Think of all the places that they have to update and then image the process they go through. Imagine starting with all the states and doing them in alphabetical order (theoretically). They then proceed through all of the states and then update the software but that means that Alabama will be updated earlier on in the year and when they finally release the updates new things could have sprung up and even somethings could of closed. So in a sense the things will be updated but there is also the question on what they include in the software and what they don't. The software that is on my gps now doesn't include many poi that have been around for more than 2 or 3 years.