Maestro 4250


I used to have Maestro 4050, and although I liked many of its features that Garmins more expensive Nuvis lack, I returned it because of two very annoying issues: when it had to recalculate, it showed progress bar, but no map, and with many custom pois loaded it kept periodically freezing and needed to be rebooted, or rebooted itself. They addressed both problems in the 4250. Now I see the map (still not as good as my old Lawrence had, because there GPS continued to track my movement and showed little progress bar in the coner, but calculating process took much longer). Also system itself is more stable, seems slightly more responsive and a little slicker. The only thing I liked more with 4050 is that I could hook up the base to the power source and only had to put the unit on the base, here I have to plug and unplug the unit each time.
Overall value is superb. I paid $350 at Costco. Value wise I got much more GPS for the money than any Nuvi can offer now smile