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Greetings all. I just retired my IQue 3600 GPS & PDS and got this Nuvi. WOW, I didn't need all the extras in the more expensive models, and my trip to Kentucky and back was just wonderful with this unit. I'm getting a SD card for it and want to try some of the POI's that you folks have made up. I must admit, I will have to study up on how to use them tho. This unit will be great in the RV, with all the Walmart's listed, for a brief stop.


Welcome to the addiction

Glad you had a great trip. There are plenty of resources available here. Once you've gone through the "getting started" and "faq" pages and done some searches on questions you'll have...there are many, many knowledgeable and helpful people here to guide you through specific trouble spots.

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Welcome! I also bought a Nuvi 250W and love it! I have spent a long time on this site.

The following link:

has tons of POIs. I have downloaded thousands from here. They are so easy to use. All you need to do is to download the "POI loader" from Garmin's site, place the POI files you download from this site or others in a folder on your computer, launch the POI loader, and follow the prompts. The uploaded POIs are found on your Nuvi under "Whereto" --> "Extras" --> "Custom POIs".

It is that easy!

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