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I tried to help a friend set up her new Nuvi 660. She has a Mac computer (which I have never used before). We downloaded Poi loader for mac version 2.0.1 (I figured that would be safer than a beta version) It installed OK, but when trying to open Poi Loader, it just flashed and closed. We could not get it to stay active. We tried from the Desktop (which is where it is located), and from Applications, No Luck. Any ideas what I am Doing/not doing?

Here's the version you need

The older versions did not work. You need this version:

POI Loader for Mac

It works fine except that when you begin the load there is no feedback until the loading is done. Be patient and do not hit the button a second time. You will eventually get a confirmation message.

Brent - DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S


Right on Brent, I'll try that, Thanks for the info.

BTW, if you're new to installing POIs…

It took me a little experimenting before I realized that you have to ADD any NEW POI's/Alerts etc to those ALREADY in the desktop folder you created (one of the preliminary steps in installing downloaded POIs is to create a target folder which is needed by the Garmin Updating Software to find your newly downloaded POIs). Otherwise, the previous files disappear and you end up with only the last download showing in the POIs on your Nuvi. That happened to me before I figured it out. BTW, I chose to put this folder on my desktop because it allows the Garmin Application to find it more easily.

Bottom line, just make sure that all your older POIs are in the folder, along with the new ones, or you'll end up with only the last POI.

Another basic and very important, IMHO, tip that's posted here on the forum (you should look it up) is that for alerts to work, the alert names must match the POIs EXACTLY. I just mentioned it because that was another aha! that this great forum pointed out to me and and sometimes it takes a real close look because the differences between the names may be very subtle.

But, as I always say, "that's just my opinion, I could be wrong." smile

It's wonderful that you found this forum because there are a lot of experienced members here and the BOSS OF Me on this forum has made a discussion category for those of us who use Macs. Thank you, Miss POI!


Keep a dedicated GPS POI folder

I keep an alias of a folder called POI on my desktop. In that folder I have folders: Auto, Lodging, Restaurants, Stores, Traffic Traps, Travel Destinations.

I put POI files that I want on the GPS into their respective subfolder. This folder is targeted for the POI Loader to update the GPS. I also keep an Archive POI folder with less used or test files in my Documents folder.

Remember that you can change the name of any POI file you get to make it clearer for you. Speed traps should have the word Speed in the file name. Adding the word Redlight will give an automatic proximity alert.

Brent - DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S