how to transfer favorites from one nuvi to another?


i have a nuvi 350 that i'd like to transfer favorites to another. any possiblity?


On the one of the 350s you want to copy to, manually delete all of the favorites, then connect the one with the favorites on it to your computer, and on the drive letter for it on the computer, navigate to the Garmin folder, then the gpx folder...and copy the file 'current' to your computer....then hook the other 350 to your computer, navigate to the same folder on it and paste the 'current' file there.

Or, if you have Mapsource, manually clean out the favorites on the second 350....hook the first 350 to the computer, run Mapsource, use the command in the program to transfer 'waypoints' from the 350 to Mapsource - then hook the second 350 to the computer and use the command in Mapsource to transfer info from the program to the second 350.

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