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How about adding some seasoning to this "super-geeky" community by sharing hilarious stories, with our little gizmos as main characters?
Personally, I don't have any stories (yet!) but I barely can wait to read some!
To make a point, I would like to bring up this thread:
It's soooooo funny!

Ladies & gentz, start your engines ... er ... stories, it's holiday season, let's have a laugh...

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It was funny watching my

It was funny watching my sister learn to use her in dash GPS in a new Acura. She said she tried it once and didn't like/trust it because it wouldn't take her to a store they way "she normally goes". She's had it for 6 months and refused to use a $2000+ option in her car. She also thought that if she didn't follow its instructions it would keep telling her to go back and do the missed instruction or just stop navigating.

Long story short... I had her enter the same location and made her follow the instructions. Turns out it got us there 5 minutes earlier than her "normal" way, was an easier drive and she found a couple of stores she likes and never knew they were there. Phoenix, AZ is a BIG city.

I know, it's not a Nüvi or even a Garmin story, but it's GPS related!

And, I MUCH prefer my 660 to that chained down, clunky Acura GPS. smile

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my wife has learned to mock

my wife has learned to mock the voice of my c530 so well that the other nite she got on me so mad that i had to push her button and turn her off. if u think that worked, i got a bridge in the back yard u can buy.

Turning off


i had to push her button and turn her off.

The C530 or the wife?

nüvi 750 & 760

maybe that why it didnt

maybe that why it didnt work. i push the wrong button

Searching for Pizza

OK - the background. I'm the gadget freak of the family and the love of my life has patiently endured 30 years of my passion for toys and gadgets that are cool but not necessarily making our life easier. Bought a Nuvi 350 last month just before a weekend trip to Dubuque Iowa (from Chicago) to explore the parks and trails along the Mississippi river to enjoy the fall colors.

My 350 did a great job with routing us through an unknown city with complex intersections and the many small and barely marked roads when we got off the beaten path. It also found us restaurants on the fly while driving. She was most impressed that such a tiny device could do all that. Frankly, so was I.

On the way home, we took a scenic route south along the river using small 2-lane state roads and passing through a few small towns. Stopped for gas in one of them and decided to search for a place for lunch. She said she had a taste for pizza. So before we pulled out back on the road, I called up the Food/Italian favorites and was browsing through the selections to see what was closest and along our route. While I was fiddling and browsing, she got very quiet and just watched. I could sense some growing impatience. I was searching and pushing buttons faster and faster. She just sat quietly (not typically a good thing) and watched. I finally said WHAT!!?? She pointed out the window. Pizza Hut was just across the street. Did not show in the Favorites. "Think you can make it there OK without your gadget?" The whole time I was pumping the gas, I did not even see it! We both just burst out laughing.

may be u want to look at

may be u want to look at that bridge i have for sale