Garmin Nuvi 700 Series Proximity Red Light Alert Text - Change to RED?


Hello Everyone,
I have the Red Light Camera POI loaded in my Nuvi 760. I have tested it, with .wav file notifier and .bmp icon. It worked, my picture wasn't taken smile

When I approach a camera intersection, I receive an alert message on my nuvi. It is a gray background text alert with the words "Warning Red Light Cam zz1" for example. I'm not sure of the exact wording. This appears under the top green text bar indicating the driving instructions.

I've seen the warning text bar in color RED, and wonder if this is a function of my Nuvi, or the POI file? Is it changable from Gray to Red? I do have an alert .wav, but I would like a better visual alert than just a .bmp icon in case the noise level in the vehicle is overpowering the Nuvi speaker at a critical moment.

Thanks to Miss POI and all those who created the add on files.

Thank you in advance for your responses.

Matt ~ Nuvi 760