Photo of Bizarre Stop Sign Camera in the Country


These images are from CaptNorm. Here's his description:

I've seen several red-light cameras, but this one really takes the cake. This is on POI-Factory's list as -118.41389 and 34.11582, right smack in the Santa Monica Mountains (just north of Los Angeles). I drove around this POI for a few minutes, and was ready to declare it a non-existing re-light camera. Then I saw the brown box just to the right of the stop sign. Looking at it from the other direction exposed the camera lens (not sure if there was a flash). You can see how remote this site is by the solar panel on the right of that photo (no power in this remote area).

Just to enhance this context, I included a Google map of the area.

This north bound road wasn't even a thru-road, just dead-ended a little north of this map. In fact, this site included a total of 3 stop-sign cameras.

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