Magellan 3225 and my mac


So i just bought the Magellan 3225 and I realize that its not supposed to work with macs out of the box, but i noticed when i plugged it into my PC, it treated it like a disc, on my mac it does nothing. Thoughts on perhaps getting it to recognize it on my mac?

Some utilities to try

Try opening Disk Utility and see if the GPSr is mounted. If so, then check your Finder preferences and look under General if External disks is checked to be shown on the Desktop.

If that does not work, open System Profiler, click USB in the left hand column. Look in the USB Device Tree to see if your GPSr is there (you may have to click on each line to see the information in the bottom window).

Another thing is to try a different USB port, or try plugging in the GPSr directly into the Mac's USB port (rather than the keyboard's or from a USB hub). Some devices are finicky about where they plug into.

Let me know if any of these helped.

Brent - DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S

I have a Magellan and same

I have a Magellan and same thing happens on my mac, it never shows up on the Disk Utility any luck?

Magellan 3225 and the Mac

The Magellan uses the TFAT disk format that is a proprietary Windows CE format that the Mac will not be able to read, heck I had trouble getting it to mount on some PCs. If anyone out there knows of a utility that can remedy this let us know.