2009 Map Update for Nuvi 650 on Mac


Just got a free update for my 650. I was originally told by Garmin support that the 650 was not one of the units eligible for the free upgrade to users who bought their units less than 2 months before the new 2009 maps were released. However, Garmin support contacted me a couple of days ago and said that they had changed their policy and the 650 was now eligible. If you bought a Nuvi recently and didn't get a free upgrade, check again.

The downloaded .dmg contained an installer that worked perfectly on my iMac except for two minor complications:

1) I had to make several tries because I kept getting "the Garmin server is experiencing difficulties, please try at a later time" error messages. Seems their server is just overloaded with people trying to update. I finally got on late in the evening PDT.

2) All the navigation Voices except a few basic ones (which can't do TTS street names) were deleted. There was a warning about this at the beginning of the installation. I keep a backup of up the entire contents of my Nuvi on my hard drive, so it was no problem to drag the voices I wanted from the backup to the Voice folder on the Nuvi.

Once it got started, the update process took about 1.5 hours.