poi alerts (how to save instead of play)


I have an iMac running Safari 10.4 and when I click on an alert it plays with Quick time......but I am not given an option to save it......How do I get the alert into my poi folder.....What am I doing wrong....I have all the icons and poi's loaded that I want now I want to start on the sounds......HELP...

Right Click!

Instead of clicking on the file, instead RIGHT Click (or Option-click if you only have a one button mouse) and in the pop up menu, pick the one that says something like Save Linked File... (I am not at my Mac at the moment, so I forget the exact menu item wording). You can then pick the location on your drive and the file will be saved.


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Right click

Thanks, I have a track ball so I right clicked and saved the file and it loaded, Now I have to drive to work to see if it works.....