Garmin C330 vs. TomTom One?


In your opinions what are the pros and cons of each? There are Black Friday deals for both of these units, and I am trying to determine which one to go with.

I've read that the Tele Atlas maps the TomTom uses are not as good as the NavTeq maps the Garmin uses. Any truth to this?

Any thoughts on functionality between the two?



If you are going with one or the other, the Garman C330 is the way to go. I just tried the c330, had an issue with the screen and when returning decided to try the Tom Tom instead. c330 wins. BIG TIME. Tom Toms maps are accurate. The POI's in the unit are good but I found that the points were off by 1/2 mile up to 2 miles. I would pass the POI on the screen and wait until I actually passed the place.
I put my address in and it showed me as being down the street. My kids school was actually 2 miles from its actual location.
With Garman the POIs are basically dead on or within you sight. My address showed my house at its actual location and the school was off by about 100 feet. You will not get exact all of the time. The units are only as good as the mapping programs and even Google and mapquest aren't totally accurate.
Pro for Tom Tom is the ability to hook to your computer and run any number of things including the actual unit on your compu. Updating is easy.
Garman you don't have this ability. You can get some updates to the garman system but not maps without a cost. C330 maps are a little old.
What is most important to you. I think that the priority is accuracy and c330 is the choice between the two hands down.
Not sure what your black Friday budget is going to be but if you can pull off a Garman Nuvi unit with mapping program version NT 2008 you will be in good shape. They will be cheap.
I returned the Tom Tom and decided to try the Garman Nuvi 200W. I love it. It is wide screen and was inexpensive. Will be much cheaper Friday.
I also know that the Magellan GPS units are going be be really reduced at Radio Shack Friday. They have lots of gadgets and fun but I have heard they have issues with touch screens and some accuracy.

If you are only looking at the 2 you mentioned, go with the c330 without thinking twice.


I have a 330 and agree that willc123 is right on. I've used it throughout the north east and Canada and its been great. It tells you when to turn but does not provide the street name verbally. the name is however on the banner at the top of the screen. the c340 does announce the street names. If you can find the c340 on sale for a few $$ more , it may be a better choice. If you decide on the 330 you will be pleased with its service.


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I would also go with the

I would also go with the 330, however, just to let you know, Garmins can be wayyyyyyyyy off too.

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Circuit City has the c340on sale for $199.95.I seen it in the paper today and just checked it on line.

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330 from Walmart

For the price The 330 at Walmart for 128 is a Super Deal I may by another one at that price for my Sons car. I have a 330 now and Just bought a Nuvi 650 from Costco...I love my 330 and it was the Best Selling GPS in the country last Over $ it is a real bargain tomorrow.

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The 330 is a great

The 330 is a great economical unit. I find though that it doesn't give logical routes some times.

I have the C320 and Palm TX with Tom Tom software

My Palm with TomTom software should be similar to the TomTom one. I find it to be very similar to the C320, which is in my wife's car. The Tom Tom has better options and more choices for voices (Mr.T, Scarface, etc.). The TomTom One is more portable since it is flat vs. the C330.

I own the C330

which has worked fine for the past 1 1/2 years BUT today I ordered the C340
at LT $200.
I don't want all the bells & whistles of some of the other units but I did want the TTS.
Another thing - I don't know whether Garmin has changed the screen on some of the latest C330's BUT a friend of mine just bought one and the screen does not wash out as much as my "Lila" does. Maybe the C340 will be better also!
Just getting ready for a 5500 mile driving trip in December !
Hope everyone had a SUPER Happy Thanksgiving.
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c330 definitely. i was at

c330 definitely. i was at walmart just accompanying a friend, saw the garmin for cheap. i was thinking about picking up the tomtom the day before but gave up on it, bought the garmin when i saw it was for sale knowing i could take it back if it sucked ... DEFINITELY keeping it. no problems so far, the POI's are as accurate as i could realistically expect (closer in fact).

Overall i got lucky and was definitely pleasantly surprised by the whole gps experience. got me hooked.

i also heard that the tomtom was inaccurate from a couple people (with poi's)


Have owned SP330c for 16 months, Worked great. Battery went dead. Garmin tech tells me to ship it back to them for repair. The Garmin site tells me all repairs cost a minimum of $225, plus S&H. This is just plain crazy. WalMart and Amazon sell new ones for about $130-$160.

The battery is hardwired into a connector. I found a battery for $22,delivered, on and will replace it myself. Tech tells me this will void my warranty. What warranty? It was warrantied for 1 year and that is gone.

If the battery does not solve the problem, I will simply throw the damn thing away. And will stay away from Garmin for this really sorry battery design and lousy customer service.

Check this??

emsai wrote:

If the battery does not solve the problem, I will simply throw the damn thing away. And will stay away from Garmin for this really sorry battery design and lousy customer service.

Maybe you've been here already; if not, this may help.


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I have a C330

since last March, except for the touch screen calibrations issues I have had during hot weather, it's been great. I saw an ad for the 330 on sale at Wal Mart for $130.

Not doing anything worth a darn.


Thanks to everyone. You confirmed what the feeling I had. Last Friday, I was able to snag a C330 from for $128. smile

Thanks for everyones, input!