GPS Tracks and POI Across Canada


Hi all,
(im a newbie to this) apologies if it's somewhere else.

Having cycled half way across canada, and becomming frusterated about how little information out there is available for cycling across canada (i mean good practicle information)

I figured i'd try todo something about it.

Has Anyone Cycled Across Canada and wants to share their gps tracks? Or relevent POI's (Motels/Campgrounds/Hotels.. Etc.

I'll be posting more on this site soon.

P.S. I'm Working to make a User-centric GPS Guide to Traveling Across Canada (mainly on a mountain bike, but also alternate hiking, and road bike routes)
Help and feedback from other GPS users would be appreciated smile


That sounds like a really

That sounds like a really interesting File idea. We have had others make POI Files for things like the Sturgis trip that happens every year.

Miss Poi

Bike Shops Across Canada -what else would you like?

I noticed some people downloaded this file. Cool smile

I'll have to make sure update it with the latest info. Google maps has them all, so I can convert the file back. (and i set my maps to Collaberate and edit by anyone)

Here's the list of Points I'd like to post and share

Information Centers Across Canada
Campgrounds Across Canada (RV Parks w/ camping)


Bus Stop
Train Stop
Bike Shops (already listed)
Outdoor Stores

Trail Heads (name of each trail)
Rest areas
Information map signs
Distance markers

Missing anything major,
what should be priority?
for those going across Canada?