POI Geo Database?


I'm new to POI's and this site. Like 2 days... :) But, I notice that all POI's are essentially static files. I think there would be a lot of value of having all coordinates/POI's in a database that could be geo spatially queried. For example, a mashup of POI's with google maps. Users could see all points of interest from a center point, then filter the query by categories or other criteria, etc. Then once there selections have been made, the server serves up custom POI's based on the users preference.

The added benefit of a system like this, being a more collaborative environment where people can add a point here and there to the collective database, and don't need to spend the time making entire poi files. Sorta like a POI wiki, like wikipedia.

This isn't exactly a new idea. geocaching.com is already doing something similar. Check it out here.


yes... BUT

This site is not set up that way. Geocaching.com has 1 database(Reletively) in which all the caches are placed on the map in their correct position.

If this site was set up that way, with filters of each type/kind as gc.com is, that would be ideal, but a time consuming and possiably costly investment.

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