Addicted to POI's


Since I came across this forum, I have been addicted to creating POI's that are useful to me and will aid me in my vocational and recreational pursuits. I have downloaded a few that are extremely helpful from this site and also I have created several POI files with my Client Locations, Family and Friends Locations, and three that I have shared here for my fellow Georgians, Georgia Wineries, Post Offices, and State Parks. I expect that this new obsession will continue for some time.

I hope that you, the members, find some value in the POI files I have uploaded. I intend to do several more as time permits.

Garmin 770RV


Thank You brott,
I know that these files will be a great addition to the site. We have quite a few Georgians on board here and I am sure that they all appreciate the contributions that you have made.
I have a friend from high school that lives in Atlanta and it will be nice to have these locations when I go to visit him. May just have to have lunch with my POI Factory friends while I am in town too.
Miss Poi