Cemeteries in Texas


The Cemeteries in Texas denotes being a complete list of all cemeteries in Texas. The list cannot be complete, as I know of 3 major (more than 50 years old) cemeteries in Van Zandt County that are not listed, plus many more. I am sure there are many more in other counties. I don't think it should be called a "complete list".

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Good catch

Good catch Robert,
I will add a note to the description and send a message to the author of the file.

It's best to avoid phrases like "complete list" for POI Files that are complicated or likely to change.

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Cemeteries in Texas Database.

I noticed some Mistakes (such as Cemetery names and spelling) in some of the cemeteries listed in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Being a paranormal Investigator, I am pretty Familar with a lot of cemeteries in the area. I would be more than happy to advise on corrections and possible cemeteries not listed on the index. My email address is on my account. This list is really handy. When I'm out ghost hunting I can easily find a whole bunch of cemeteries near by. Thanks to the person who created it.


Thanks Gordon

If you would like I can work with you on this project. Just give me the excel line number and let me know what the name is supposed to be and I will get it fixed.

Miss POI

Find a Grave

Since I travel almost 100% for my job I usually like to take the road less traveled etc on my tourist days...This has been one of the best sites for looking up some of those no longer with us!


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Texas Cemeteries Corrections

Here are some cemeteries corrections for you.

1434 should be Chinn Chapel Cemetery

1054 should be Pecan Grove Cemetery.

5249 Should be Calloway Cemetery with an A instead of an O

Here two large cemeteries not on the list. I tried to give you the cross streets so you can locate them on mapquest. In case some how you can find the Coordinate numbers.

Grapevine Cemetery Grapevine Texas Tarrant County Nearest Streets are N.Dooley St at Wildwood Lane North to S.Riverside Drive

Springtown Cemetery, Springtown Texas Parker County S.Main (Hwy 51) Cross streets Roberson Ave and Texas Drive.

When It gets warmer out, and I start Ghost hunting again, I will Try and send you some more Cemeteries That I know about but need the Coordinate numbers to. Please advise me on how to do this since I'm kind of new to this GPS stuff. Do I Just give you the Location Coordinate number exactly as it is shone on the GPS Device? And the Cemetery name, County, and Nearest Town/City I'm sure.

Thats all for now.
More info as I find it.