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Let's say a person "waaaa" was to start traveling all over the US of A.

It might be to his advantage to have his money is a bank that would have the most branches all across the country just to have a somewhat easy access to it.

Anyone know which bank that might be?

I am thinking of two - Bank of America and Wachovia that might come close.
Any thoughts suggestions or donations? All are accepted... smile


Isn't that why we (well, most of us) have credit/debit cards? That is, unless you actually want to go inside a bank, wait in lines, get frustrated with a teller... I can't remember the last time I actually went inside any bank...may be in the mid 90's...

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Most Banks

Is your questions most "branches" or most "banks". Reason is that some of the more common Banks have strategic ties to other "Banks" in other areas of the country, whereas some banks have a large number of "branches" across the country.
If you oculd give me some idea as to why the questions (as someone else rightfully pointed out)if you have a national Credit and/or debit card.


Bank of America was my

Bank of America was my choice for 25 years. Then, when we moved to Colorado we discovered they have no branches here! Had to close my account. I travel all over the country and see them everywhere else, but not in CO. In my travels (and at home) I'm having good luck with US Bank.


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ogoolly boogly... like huh?

The reason I asked the question is that I may want to actually talk to a person in person some time or the other. Like why is my account accruing all these canceled check costs? lol whatever.

Yes I have the plastic. But was just wondering about which bank had the most branches/sites.

A guy can wonder can't he? And I thought this would be a good place to ask... amongst all you knowledgeable peoples, I figured someone would know. smile

I had not thought about US Bank. will check them out.
Kia bonga zip zap zing.

in VA and NC, Suntrust,

in VA and NC, Suntrust, Wachovia, and BOA come to mind

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World wide bank

ING Direct

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US Banking

As per your request, the banks with the largest retail network in the continental US are as follows:

1. Bank of America with 5,700 branches in 30 states plus the DC area.
2. Citigroup with 3,500 branches operating in fewer states under the brand names of Citibank, Citifinancial or Primarica Financial
3. JP Morgan Chase operating 3,000 branches in 17 states under the Chase and Bank One brand names.

There are others but if you want access in most states with "one on one" eyeballing then you are probably out of luck. As a comparator, teh Canadian banking system has only five main banks but they have retail branches coast to coast and they are totally seamless for face to face meetings/transactions. Same applies to most European countries whereby there are extensive branch/office networks.

If you want more information I suggest you either search through the FDIC or pick the common bank names and review the 10k SEC filings.

If you want "eyeball to eyeball" banking services across the US you are simply out of luck.

BTW. US Bank (parent company US Bankcorp) operates 2,512 branches in 24 states and ING is primarily a virtual bank in North America.

Welcome to US Banking!!



I travel all the time driving truck. I do business with my small, local bank. I do all my banking either online, by phone or debit card. Why do business with a large, impersonal bank? Give the small bank a try. You'll find it worthwhile. Just explain what you need and I'll bet you'll be surprised at what they can do for you.

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I travel 4 to 5 months out of the motorhome and/or motorcycle. We utilize a local bank for all of our banking needs; However, while traveling, we utilize plastic for major purchases. When we are running low on cash, we get extra money when we check out at WalMart. If you use a debit card, WalMart allows you to get up to $100 in cash, at no cost, when you buy other items and are checking out.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo claims 3200 locations in the US and 6800 ATMS

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ING doesn't have any branches, but if the real question was to have an ATM from a bank that doesn't charge for outside bank ATM uses, that might be a better question. But sadly I don't know the answer.

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