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I recently bought a Garmin 660, after purchasing and returning the $200 MOI, best return i ever made, anyways i do love the 660 and especially the fact that i can tie it in to my car stereo. I recently downloaded my 2 free audible books to use for my drive to Key West this weekend, but my coworker has a TomTom which i really do not like at all, but he is able to download differant voices for his unit, I've search and search all over the net for garmin voices, but have had no luck. would love some feedback on this as well as any other gouge or advice about my nuvi that i may not know.

Yeah, you can't download

Yeah, you can't download different voices (such as Mr T) with the garmins. They have different voices such as american female, male and different accents.

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Voices available

There are a number of voices built into your 660.

And when you run the webupdater you'll have the option of loading more.

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You can create your own or modify existing ones. This site is undergoing some changes, and one of those changes is adding a voices section, where we can share our creations. Stand by. Search for strings on voice creation and you'll find plenty of info.

You can modify your own

You can now modify your own voices per our instructions at POI Verifier. Just select the Modifying Garmin's Voice Files link in the left window, then select How to Modify Garmin's TTS Voice Files in the right window.

Hope this will help you.


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Okay, so that uses the same

Okay, so that uses the same voice, but lets you change the words it uses for some of the stock commands. Kind of neat. I'd still like to have Mr T tell me to turn right. Not sure I'd want to pay for it though.

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