How to get and install Nuvi 6XX v4.20 on a Mac


Mac users may have discovered that the Mac WebUpdater does not work with the latest firmware update. Thanks to work by tailspin and a happy accident I found a way to install the update.

First you need two pieces of free software:
Garmin nuvi 6XX 4.20 firmware
The Unarchiver

After downloading The Unarchiver open the program, select Archive Formats, and be sure that Windows Self-Extracting Archive .exe is checked.

The nuvi file will be an .exe file but the firmware is buried inside. You will use The Unarchiver to open it.

After The Unarchiver has opened the .exe file you will have a folder named "nuvi_610_420". Open the folder "nuvi6xx", the folder "Garmin". There you will find "GUPDATE.GCD". This is the new firmware.

Here's how to install it without the WebUpdater (credit for these instructions goes to tailspin):

Connect your nuvi 6XX. When the GPS "drive" shows up on your desktop, open it. Then open your Garmin Folder.

Place GUPDATE.GCD into that folder. It will ask you to replace the file already there. Agree to replace it.

Now unmount the nuvi by dragging the icon to the trash. After the nuvi has disappeared from the desktop you can disconnect your USB cable.

When the nuvi restarts it will load the v4.20 software update. Be patient as the loading process takes about a minute.

Enjoy your updated nuvi; and you didn't even need a PC!

Brent - DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S