POI's and Memory


Does anyone know if there is any relationship between the number of custom POI's loaded onto a Garmin NUVI 350 and a slower refresh rate, or slower aquiring sattelites? Are the custom POI's loaded into memory at startup on the NUVI, and taking up memory and cause the NUVI to refresh/react slower.
Is it better to run custom POI's from a card or copy them to the NUVI?
Is it better to only have custom POI's that you absolutely need reguardless of where their stored?

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I have found that my Nuvi 660 refreshes quicker with less POI's loaded into the internal memory.

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I have never had a problem,

I have never had a problem, But I have deleted much of my voices, vehicles, etc. So I have tons of room.

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Loading Multiple files

I was told by Garmin support that you would notice little change on custom POI'S loaded in the internal memory.He stated that by using the sd card that the GPS unit would load up a slower.This was information gave to me for my Garmin c340.

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