"The Outsourced Brain" or How my GPS and other tech toys makes me lazy


David Brooks did an interesting column in the NY Times on GPS and other tech gadgets. I am sure many of us can relate too.

here are some Letter To The Editor Responses:

Oh my!

I liked the article and thought it was very funny, but I took it as facetious. But those who really do allow all of these devices to become their "outsourced brain" are probably the same people who bump around in a fog without them. I find that they provide me with great choices (or knowledge of choices) that I may not have had without them. As far as my GPS unit goes, it gets me to where I'm going with less heartburn... the first time! I rarely need it again for the same location because I do memorize where to turn without even meaning to (My gosh! Why can't I shut off my brain!!!). smile

I fear those commenting on the article were taking it a bit too literal.

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