How To Upgrade The Software On Your GPS

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There are two programs which can be used to update the software on your GPS.

Garmin Express:


The advantage of using Garmin Express is that it can do all available updates including a map update with just one single click.

It's extremely important when doing a software update that the GPS is fully charged because the unit must do a reboot & be powered on as a final step for the new software to install.

1- After having downloaded & installed Garmin Express, connect your GPS to the computer.

2- Follow the on-screen instructions.

3- Click Install All or if you prefer click on View Details to install just specific updates.

4- Keep the device plugged in to the computer during installation.

5- Once installation completed, safely eject/remove & then disconnect from the computer.

6- If the GPS doesn't restart automatically, press the on
/off button to power the unit on & the software will then install.

For those that would like to view on how to do the above, Garmin has several automotive tutorial videos on their website.

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