Missing Menus on Nuvi 200 after updating


Yesterday, I upgraded to the latest firmware on my Nuvi 200 and also loaded some custom POI's.

But somewhere along the way something happened and now if I go under Where To --> Point of Interest, I no longer have the Food Menu. I only have Spell Name, Fuel, Transit, Recreation, and Attractions. I don't remember exactly how many other ones where there, but I do remember having to scroll down to get to them all.

If I do a search for a particular restaurant, it still does show up, but no Food menu.

Any suggestions?

I just checked my nuvi 200.

I just checked my nuvi 200. I installed the version 3.4 system software. I still have the Food menu choice. I suggest reinstalling the upgrade. If that fails to work, I think you can delete the upgrade file (GUPDATE.GCD) in the Garmin folder.

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Be sure that the map is actually selected on the unit. Some people have reported the map being deselected after the update.

Settings > Map > Map Info and then be sure the check box is checked next to the map name.

I bet you live in Minnesota,

I bet you live in Minnesota, probably in the Metro area. I also bet if you select near, and type in somewhere outside of the Metro area, you will have all of the POI's available again. I noted this a day or two after the update was released, and have found a few other people in the area with 200's who have seen the same problem. We have contacted Garmin about it, and they sent it to their software team. For some reason, it only seems to affect those of us in the Twin Cities. If you look near Lakeville or farther south, they reappear. It's a problem that stems from the latest firmware update, and if you downgrade to 3.3, they will show up again.

If I were you, I'd still call Garmin and report it to tech support. Ask the tech to find a unit, and see if they can duplicate the problem by searching Eden Prairie, Prior Lake, Shakopee, Savage, etc. Some of us have already done so, but the more people who report it and get the techs to duplicate it, the more likely we are to get it fixed when the next firmware is released.

Yes, I do live in Minnesota,

Yes, I do live in Minnesota, in the West Metro area. I will contact Garmin with this issue. Is there a best way to do this?

I did try to remove the GPUDATE file but it did not do anything. Unless I did not wait long enough. I did try to shut down and bring it back up but it still showed 3.4 installed.

That is a backup file and

That is a backup file and after the update, it is no longer needed. I always delete it after upgrading.

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Older Firmware

You can download old firmware versions at:


As for loading the older firmware onto the nuvi, I haven't tried it, as I don't use the POI's near me very much so I decided to hold out for the new firmware and hope the problem was fixed. I'm not sure if it will run just like a firmware upgrade or not. I am also a little paranoid about turning my nuvi into a brick by doing something wrong when trying to load older firmware onto it.

Version 3.30 restores Twin Cities POI Categories

I downgraded to Version 3.30 at the "Older Firmware" link above. It works fine. The update process does notice that a downgrade to an older version is about to occur and asks for confirmation. I downgraded from 3.40 to 3.30.

It also resets the whole

It also resets the whole unit, therefore deleting your favorites. But it does work and my wife is happy again now that she can 'surf' the Donkey (long story) to find new places to eat while in the metro area.

Thanks for the good info.

Missing POI Menus on nüvi 200 near Petersburg, VA

I noticed, during my trip to North Carolina, that most POI menus disappeared from my nüvi 200 while on I295 around Petersburg, VA. They reappears when I got onto I95.

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Update to version 3.50 solves problem

I had the same problem with my Nuvi 200. I just upgraded to version 3.50 which corrected the problem for missing POI categories in the Twin Cities area. It is necessary to use Webupdater to get the update. Recently, Garmin deleted the manual update process.

I was wondering why the manual update page

I was wondering why the manual update page disappeared. I downgraded back to Version 3.30.

Can you see the update history with Webupdater to determine what features were added with each version?

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I had the same problem.

I had the same problem. Rolling back the firmware fixed the problem but I also emailed Garmin and here is the response i received:


Thank you for contacting Garmin International. After speaking with a
few of my colleagues I have been informed that this is actually a bug
that was found in the software of the device that is specific to certain
areas in Virginia. It looks like there has been software update released
that should correct this problem, it can be downloaded through our web
updated program, which can be found at the link below.


Try loading this software version and let me know if it does not fix the

i loaded the new firmware (version 2.90 for my 200w) and all the POIs are available.