Does anybody with a blue tooth phone use their gps as the hands free feature? My nuvi has bluetooth and i messed with it with my wifes phone and it seems great. My question, "is it worth me getting a blue tooth phone now?"



In NY it is a state law the you use a handsfree device while driving. I think it's just as dangerous to have to fiddle with wires when using the plug in headsets too. I do a lot of traveling and really enjoy being able to use the bluetooth phone with my GPS. Less clutter and wires and its really easy to use and setup. I put a longer review in the following area if you are interested.

I still see most people (including the police) just holding the phones up to their ear and talking on them anyway.


Bluetooth Handsfree

One of the reasons I got the Nuvi 660 was for the Bluetooth hands-free phone capability. I have a 2720 with traffic monitor that works just fine, but wanted the speakerphone.

Here in the Tidewater, VA area, they have determined that folks cannot use telephones, or any type of headsets, while driving on the Navy bases in this area. So while my bluetooth headset exceeded the requirements for hands-free telephone use in EVERY state, it wasn't good enough to drive on base. Therefore the Bluetooth.

It works great, and I would heartily recommend getting a compatible phone so you can take advantage of that capability.



I just started using a new Nuvi 660. I didn't get it for the Bluetooth, but it works great. I use it with my Verizon Razr v3c. The calls are very clear, and easy to use. The bad news is that when it downloads all of the phonebook, there are no longer any notations as to whether the number it 'work', or 'home', etc. The good news is that I can still use the Razr voice dial on a passthrough through the Nuvi. Using the Nuvi as a handsfree unit is a benefit that I like and use, but didn't expect to use.