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I am new to having a portable GPS (my last car had a built-in). I recieved a Garmin C550 for Christmas from my Father. And I love it. The major difference I have found so far is the ablility to update, and download POIs. I downloaed several from today. But, now I have a question. I downloaded about 5 different sets, Starbucks, Walmart... And I actually downloaded 2 different sets of Starbucks (I LOVE Starbucks). But under Extra's I found the Custom POI's and under Custom POI's only Starbucks shows up. What happened to the other Custom POI's I downloaded? Did they go into the POI file? Did they even go into the system? How do I know if what I upload into the system is there? What happens if you upload something that is already in the system? Does it show up twice? Does the Garmin know it is the same location?

C5530 and uploading POI's

You may have seen the suggestion somewhere to set up a POI folder on your hard drive, and each time you point the POILoader at that folder to do its thing, it first deletes all existing POI's from your Garmin then writes the contents of the folder in (assuming they're all csv files). Also, you can point it at the SD card you may have in your unit (drive H on my computer) or at the Garmin unit itself (drive G on my computer), and the Garmin finds them on that particular drive & deletes, then writes. My unit also prompts me to let it upload all POI's from the card to the unit's memory each time I power up, in case I take the card out, and I usually say NO to that. Hope this helps, because I really don't understand why all POI's wouldn't show up if they were all in that folder you identified via the POILoader.

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thanks, that helps

I did not create a folder on my desktop. I actually uploaded each folder of POI's, one at a time, then deleted each file from my desktop after I uploaded it. I figured once it was uploaded, I did not need it any longer. Now, after reading your message, I guess that explains why the last set of Starbucks POIs is the only thing I see, it must have deleted the first four and uploaded the last one. Is that what you are saying. If I upload one set. Then later upload another set, without uploading both sets from the same folder, I basicly deleted the first and added the second?

Garmin POI's

Yes, if you load the files one at a time, they erase the earlier ones. With the Garmin POI Loader, it will ask you if you want to load each file that it finds in your folder. You have the option to reply yes or no on each csv or gpx file, then it loads all of the selected ones at once. I have only been playing with mine for a few days, but it adds each file as a separate heading under the Custom POIs button.

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