Thoughts about my new 650


Took my Garmin 650 on a trip to Florida last week. Drove from here in NJ on down to Orlando, had a conference to go to. Programed the “Gaylord Palms” address into the favorites, and off I went.

The device kept steering me to 95, when I wanted to go to Richmond via route 301. I had to set destinations along route 301 to make it guide me. Kept wanting to sidetrack me over to 95. How do I make it follow a certain route?

On the other hand, I called Garmin support about the MapSource software. He (Chris) asked me the model and the serial number and said he would send me a disk with a program that lets me set waypoints and manage my favorites - no charge. Is this the MapSource software, or something else. When my machine loads, it says it is using 2008 maps, so do I even need to update the maps?

Anyway, the 650 was mostly spot on. There were a few areas (no more than 4) that weren’t there, so I wound up on green scenery while really on the road. It either went into “recalculating” or just jumped onto the real road. A couple of those intersections were noticeably new.

While down at the conference, I was challenged to find a nudie bar for a car full of guys, on the fly. Lo and behold, I was able to find the ‘Harem Bar’ or some such thing....

I did notice some funny mis-pronunciations on several names, but it did get mine right. Not too many people do.

John - with a Garmin 650 and a 750

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The reason that it kept

The reason that it kept trying to keep you on 95 is because that is the fastest way. Not sure if "shortest way" would help or not. You need to play around with avoidances, type of vehicle, and how you want to go (fastest or shortest) to get the best combo to keep you off 95.

Yes, that is Mapsource that they are going to send you.

How did you know that 'Harem Bar' was a nudie bar before you got there? Was their a

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I figured...

I have it set to "fastest" - thought about changing it after the fact.

And the nudie bar? I just guessed, with a name like that....

John - with a Garmin 650 and a 750

Avoid Traffic

Try the avoidance, "Traffic" and see if that helps any.

Charley - Nuvi 350 - Bel STI Driver - Cobra 29 w/ wilson 1000 - AIM: asianfire -

Yeah it's a bit of a pain

Yeah it's a bit of a pain because you have to keep modifying the "avoidances" based on where you are. On a long trip, depending on the settings, you can find yourself on a wild goose chase. I had mine set to avoid tolls and so to avoid a $1.25 toll, our Nuvi drew up a 96 mile diversion. If in cities, the avoid u-turns option can set you up for a bit of a touristic trip around town at times. Sometimes a warning pops up about a better route existing but everytime I choose the better route option, nothing really seems to happen.