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Look Out The Snowman Got The Hammer Down !!!!!!!!! I just got back from Reno and my GPS read when i checked my max speed 217 mile mph what gives with this reading anybody experience this with thier GPS unit

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yeah, a couple of ppl have,

yeah, a couple of ppl have, probably due to lack of good signal strength at some point.

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It can happen sometimes

The way a GPS calculates speed is to determine how long it took to get from one spot (fix location) to another fix location. If for some reason the unit had a bad fix, but it was marked as valid, and then it got another fix a bit further away, it would use those two fixes and the time to calculate speed.

On a flight a while ago, my unit registered a speed well in excess of 1,000 MPH. I know we hadn't gone supersonic, and I do know that it had an issue with determining location for a bit.

Don't do a reset of your max speed and see if you can get one up into the four digits...



My 6 wheel expedite truck has a max speed of 188 mph. Now that dispatch knows about it, they won't take any excuses for being late with a load!

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Did you turn the Unit off during a trip?

Sometimes when I take my GPS on a day trip, I will leave the charger at home. Then I turn it on to get bearings and turn the unit off for awhile.

We did this driving from New Orleans to Dallas a couple of weeks ago and drove for a few hours with it off. As far as the GPS knew, we had stopped to eat. When it comes on again, it sees that we have gone 50 miles in what it thinks is only a few minutes. And that is why my unit now says my max speed is 644mph!

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My c530 showed my max speed

My c530 showed my max speed as 241 mph yesterday. First time its done that.

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Edge 205

My Edge 205 showed me going over 95 mph on flat terrain while biking. I think it must've lost signal, and then when it reacquired it, it calculated the distances and figured I had to be going 95 mph!

I haven't seen anything like that with my 580 yet, but now I'll be looking!

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