Functioning of MSN Direct


I am fairly new to using a GPS. I have a Garmin 680 with MSN. Is the MSN supposed to give you voice prompt when there is a traffic problem ahead. I was under the assumption that you had to go in to MSN and then click the traffic Icon to get traffic information. Should it automatically give me information while in the Map Mode? Thanks for any help.


It will not give you voice

It will not give you voice prompts. If there is a significant delay on your route, the unit is suppost to re-route you. If there is a delay on your current route, a little sign will become present on the screen with the amount of minutes the delay will be. You can touch that sign and it will give you the location of the delay and you can select to avoid it.


Does the FM-TMC give voice prompts or any information that the MSN does not? I'm wondering which is better.

Never used the TMC. Do not

Never used the TMC. Do not know.

Voice prompt

Twice, I have heard Jill announce "severe traffic ahead" and immediately "recalculating." This is in Chicago. Both times, it attempted to reroute. At other times, when I am driving with the GPSr on, but without setting any route, I hear announcements of "severe traffic in 8 miles (or X miles)" This is usually on Lake Shore Drive (US 41). I guess the same would be the case if I was on another busy road without any set route.
This is on Nuvi 680, with MSN Traffic receiver


Maybe I will just have to identify a traffic jam on the news and set a route which includes that road. Maybe then, I will see if the GPS gives an oral warning. I hate to do it but it might be worth a try when I have some free time.

Typically, if there's bad

Typically, if there's bad traffic, you will get a traffic indicator on the lower right hand side of your map indicating the estimated number of minutes you will be delayed.

So it's visual, rather than auditory.

visual AND auditory

Actually, I get both when there is severe traffic on my Nuvi 680. Of course, if really severe and there is alternative route, I get rerouted.