POIs not showing on the map in Magellan Roadmate 2200T


I created a POI file using Magellan's POI editor and transferred the file to the Roadmate 2200T. The file and POI show up on the unit, but when I tap on a POI, I get this message, "This POI is not on the map, verify its latitute and longitude."
Now, when I filled in the lat and longitudes in the POI editor, the program automatically rounded off the numbers. Is that normal. Also I left the default North and East as is. Since the downloaded files from POI Factory didn't identify the direction.
Please let me know what I might have done wrong? Thanks.


If you are from the UK and you try to use POIs of locations in the US, Of course it is going to choke. Look at the coordinates and make sure they fit in with your vicinity(map system).

Check Lon / Lat Order

You might also check to see if the longitude & latitude were swapped during the import process.

For locations in the United States, longitude is the negative number.

column 1 is longitide
column 2 is latitude


I had swapped the longitude

I had swapped the longitude and lattitudes. I realized that earlier today. Thanks.

2200T update

Have a Crossover (2500T) and firmware update 2.14 completely changed interface, speeded up unit, and I think newer maps. Still some clunky things in the routing alogrithm, but still learning. Update was hard to find as needed a "Firmware code" from Magellan ( not the one on the unit) to access that update. Don't know if applic to 2200T

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