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Being completely computer illeterate can someone please explain to me in detail how to download icons and sounds. I have successfully downloaded the poi files for redlight cameras and rest areas but for the life of me can not download associated icons and sounds.

I know this question has probably been asked before but I can not find and references to it in any of the forums.

One more question that I have concerns creating different folders and subfolders for thest poi files. How do you go about making subfolders to the main folder?

Sorry if this is a foolish question but any information provided will be be greatly appreciated by this member.

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Look at the top of the page.

Look at the top of the page. On the right side of the screen in small blue print, you will see headers for "getting started", "faq", "icons", "sounds","about/contact". Select "icons" or "sounds" by putting your cursor on one or the other. Click the one of interest. You will see a list of the icons or sounds you can download. At the bottom of the page you select, you will see how to download, faqs, discussion forum on the appropriate selection. Put your cursor over the item of interest, click and read away. Use other selections to satisfy your interests. Hope this helps...

First of all, you can't be

First of all, you can't be but so computer illeterate if you can post here and download don't worry about it!

Second, to download icons or sounds, look at the top of the page and click on "icons", pick the one that you want, and then right click on it and "Save Target As". Do the same for the sounds

To make folders, it is just an ordinary windows folder.

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