Costco now offering Nuvi 360 for $399 plus s & h.


Costco now offering the Nuvi 360 for $399 plus s & h.

I dont know if I'm happy

I dont know if I'm happy about this or not, cause within the next week or so I was going to purchase the Garmin StreetPilot c550 for $350, but they have removed that and replaced it with the Nuvi 360 for $399. Should I get the Nuvi, or should I go somewhere else for the Garmin StreetPilot c550? I know costco has changed their return policy, but have they changed it on the GPS's too? thanks guys

Nuvi vrs Street Pilot

I have owned both the street pilot and the nuvi. They are both fine navigational instruments that will do the job of getting you where you want to go. Just keep in mind that nothing is 100% perfect. The Points of Interests in both units seem to be about 1 year behind the times. A new establishment will probably not be in either model. But, that is something you can live with.

I sold my Street Pilot to my sister and purchased a Nuvi 350. Again, both are the same when it comes to navigational ability. It is the extras that pulled me to the Nuvi. The Nuvi offers audio books from which is a great feature (for me at least) on the long hauls. The Street Pilot has better speakers because they are larger. The Nuvi 350 is about the size of playing cards and fits neatly into your pocket. The Nuvi 360 offers bluetooth capibility with your blueetooth cell phone. A friend of mind bought the Nuvi 360 and I think the bluetooth sounds bad, at times. There is another Nuvi (660 I believe) with a wider screen. The model is for people who want to impress their friends and have the extra money to do it. In reality everything that is important to you is in the center of the screen, anyways. Whats out on the right and left is not that important. Plus, you can always zoom in or zoom out if you really must know what's out there.

Final recommendation, go for the Nuvi 350 and read the manual. You will be happy and your traveling experiences will change for the rest of your life.

The next feature that we all must have is voice commands. That is, your ability to tell the Nuvi what and where you want to do. Currently, TomTom has a unit that will do it, but I know nothing about it.

Best of luck.

Bob Hedges
Deerfield Beach, Fl

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I agree with bob, but if the

I agree with bob, but if the only thing you care about is the usefulness and not the extras, go with the 550. Has better speakers, antiglare, and bluetooth (which in my opinion isn't very good).

I am with Bob on the size and that is what sold me on the 350. THere are a lot of tech stuff that I really like too.

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The return policy for GPS

The return policy for GPS units did not change like it did for TV's cameras, etc. You can purchase a GPS and return it 3 years later, if you so desire.

Not anymore, didn't they

Not anymore, didn't they change the policy so that it was only a year now?

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Not that I am aware. But if

Not that I am aware. But if you can confirm it, please let me know, it's news to me if they did. Also, I will check when I go back to Costco, tomorrow.

Nuvi 360 has the 360 for $393.00 and have for the last week or so. If you can get it locally for $399.00 you would save shipping so it would even out. Anyway, wait a month and it will probably be $375.00. My wife uses a Streetpilot c330 that I got at the end of August for $249 and two weeks later I found it for $229 and now Compuplus has it for $216.


That's Technology for

That's Technology for ya...remember cell phones!!!!! Only the rich had them.

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Voice technology

So far, anything I have tried with voice technology (except for the simplest of commands) has been a major let down. Voice technology, from my standpoint, needs a LOT of work.

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Voice Technology

I have seen some in-dash models that work very well on some Acura's. But not any portable models either.

Good Deal

I just got the 250w and the price was a couple dollars less then the model of discussion. I wish I would have seen that deal last week, but for my first real gps, I am happy.

Well, if you got it at

Well, if you got it at Costco, you can return it and then get the new one. Just a thought.

I bought nuvi350 for CA$449 at bestbuy

I got it just 4 days before. I should come here first.

Costco Policy

I was told by Costco that their return policy changed starting March 2007. This affects TVs, Computers, Cameras, Camcorders iPod/MP3 player & cell phones. Anything purchased prior to March 2007 can still be returned at anytime. Found this out when I have a broken TV bought from Costco back in 1/2006. Went to request for a copy of the receipt, so that I can claim for double manufacturer's warranty through American Express. The customer service supervisor told me that anything purchased prior to March 2007, the return policy is grandfathered and can be returned at anytime. So I went home pack up all the manuals, remote, TV without box and returned it. Got my refund back and I'm happy.

nuvi 2460LMT

Got the NUVI 360 and it is

Got the NUVI 360 and it is magnificent when compared with my C530...

i just received mind today

i just received mind today and I lOVE IT!!!!

Pros and Cons

jj4mvp wrote:

Got the NUVI 360 and it is magnificent when compared with my C530...

There are pros and cons. I also have had both, well the 350. I love the 350 size and some of the tech stuff (such as seeing the satellites and able to see coordinates and elavation). But the 530 was far better when it come to real useful stuff such as sound and screen. The sound on the 530 was much better (I guess due to the fact that it has two speakers). The antiglare was much better on the 530 too.

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Tom Tom vs. Garmin

What do folks think of Tom Tom vs. Garmin? Sorry if this is off topic but trying to determine which one i should buy for my wife and I like the idea of the Tom Tom's ability to update the roads by the community.

Costco Now Offering Nuvi 360 for $249 Plus S&H

Just ordered a Nuvi 360 from Costco last night for $249 plus Shipping and Handling. Hard to beat that price.