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i am new to the GPS world and when i bought my Nuvi 760 i also received with it the TMC cable. I have enjoyed the unit immensly, but was wondering if i was missing anything by not having a different traffic service cable- i searched the internet and couldn't find any info. i even called the two companies to hear what they offered ( the TMC cable came with a 3 month trial period)
here are my search results (by the way, i am not connected to any of the companies)

TMC traffic service:

and that's all you get sad

Traffic Network from Clear Channel -
one year subscription = $60.00
MSN traffic service:

Traffic Reports
Find the best route through traffic
Your GPS device uses MSN Direct traffic data to select the best route for you to avoid traffic congestion.
Check traffic flow
Know at a glance where to expect slowdowns in traffic.
Get accident warnings
Receive warnings about accidents, road closures, and construction in the area that may affect you.

Web Favorites (Send to GPS with Live Search Maps)
Powerful trip planning
Use Live Search Maps on your computer to:
Look up an address
Search for a business
Plan a trip
Choose your favorite location, and then MSN Direct delivers the address, phone number, and more straight to your navigation system. Visit Live Search Maps at:

Gas Prices
Compare local gas prices
See a list of recent gas prices in your area and an indication of how recently the prices were reported.
Find your way to the savings
Once you find the best price in your area, use your navigation system to guide you to the gas station.

Weather Reports
Stay on top of current conditions
View the current weather conditions in your area, including today's high and low temperatures, chances of precipitation, and more.
View the three-day forecast
Plan ahead by checking the three-day weather forecast for your area.
Check weather in other cities
See current weather conditions in major cities across the country

Movie Times
Search for a movie
Find the theaters in your coverage area that are showing the movie you want to see.
See which movies are playing
View which movies are playing in your coverage area or at your favorite theater.
See show times and get directions
Once you find a show you want to see, check the show times and use your GPS device to guide you to the theater.

Local Events
See what's happening near you
Find nearby events to see what's happening in your area.
Find the events that interest you
Browse events sorted by category.
Search for an event
Get details about a particular event.

Stock Quotes
Watch the stocks that interest you
Select stocks that you want to keep an eye on, and then see regularly updated stock prices and daily changes.
Get a little more detail
Touch a stock in your list to see daily highs, lows, and trading volume.

News Headlines
Browse the headlines at a glance
See breaking news and other major news stories of the day.
Read more details
Select a headline to read all the details about the news story on your navigation system.

One-time Payment
The One-time Payment includes all of the services for a one-time payment of $129.95

Annual Payment Plan
The Annual Payment Plan includes all of the services for $49.95
needless to say, i bought the MSN cable and had it now for a week. i can hardly believe what the nuvi 760 can do now - all the above services at the touch of a folder - i am truely Amazed and glad to have made the switch.
NOTE: service areas are limited to large cities only for both MSN & TMC services
let this be a guide to new GPS buyers

marnoldi Nuvi 680 & Nuvi 2797LMT

Personally,I like the MSN. I

Personally,I like the MSN. I have 760 also. It may have cost more to buy the extra MSN cable, but I like it better due to all of the added features, especially with the ability to find addresses on and send it to my gps reciever. I also like being able to catch up on the news briefs. My wife and daughter use it on the weekends to find out what movie they want to go see at what time and at what theater.

I have been pleased with the traffic on MSN, although that's not why I purchased it. I am fortunate enough not to live or have to travel to work work in a very traffic congested area. I also listen to the radio traffic reports, and my MSN has always been accurate. The TMC does a great job as well, but I just liked the additions the MNS had to offer.

If I were to buy another cable

I think I would get the MSN cable since it has more features attached and is half the price of the TMC cable that rings in at over $200!!!

Being in an area with coverage does not mean all will work

Just because you get are in one of the coverage areas, it does not mean you will get all the coverage options. Traffic, Gas Prices and Local Events do not work in all areas. As for the others, they seem to get out to more of the areas.

"Web Favorites" is "My Favorite".

When you buy the MSN Receiver, it comes with 1 year of service and when activate it (online anyways) it offers you an additional 6 months for $9.95.

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MSN cable

i bought mine for just under $100 at

marnoldi Nuvi 680 & Nuvi 2797LMT

Disapointed in TMC

I have been rather disapointed in TMC. Its delay times are rarly accurate not even close to accurate. , it will tell me there is a one minute delay and traffic will be at a dead stop. Many times it tells me delays exist that had cleared up well over a half hour earlier. I will not be paying once my 3 month trial ends. It sounds like i might try purchasing an MSN receiver.