Magellan Maestro 4040 Family Firmware Version 2.24


I just installed my 1st firmware update the new Magellan Maestro 4040. The installation took a few minutes with no problems, so I thought I'd pass this along to other Magellan users. Here are the "Release Notes" for the firmware update.

Release Notes

1. Arrival / Distance / Time Remaining - Easily toggle between arrival time, distance to destination and time to destination on map screen when routing

2. Voice Command and Control - Added unlocking for Voice Command and Control on Maestro 4040, unlock fee required to access this feature, previous and Next commands added , improved start-up time, improved disable/enable function Voice command can be enabled or disabled, Voice Command for Reroute screen remove, original product shipped with this, improved recognition for commands

3. Improved Map Screen - New map images and icons, Smoother updating of the map while driving, split TrueView is disabled when Auto TrueView is unchecked in Map Options, exits without POIs do not appear, improved Auto Night view with smooth day/night switching, adjusted brightness, more colors and ON by default, improved vehicle position icon in 3D view

4. Delete Previous button - Additional functionality enables user to delete previous destinations and previous cities

5. Improved Address Handling - Previous City list increased to 10, addresses outside city boundaries are more easily located, address resolution, especially in streets where gaps exist in numbering, is improved, General fixes, including the display of long addresses, the country (region) name is displayed in the address entry and POI entry, Street list display includes the City name at the bottom of the screen, City list display found by the Zip Code and now includes the state, Home Button can now be set to the current location or an address, delete an entry from listing of Favorites

6. Bluetooth button - Bluetooth "phone" button, to disconnect call, has been added to the Map screen, dual volume control to enable user to set a higher volume for phone calls versus voiced routing instructions

7. POI Search - Removed duplicate entries for Restaurants, Coffee moved to top of POI list, Search radius changed to 50 miles. If no POIs are found the radius can be expanded to 100 miles.

8. Traffic Events Handling (if using optional TrafficKit accessory) - Optimized the mechanism of handling the traffic events, especially while driving on a long routes


1. Traffic User Interface (if using optional TrafficKit accessory) - Improved Traffic Alert graphics, new traffic images and icon overlapping has been corrected, Traffic Icon does not appear without a Traffic Subscription, Expired Traffic Icons no longer appear on the map, noreset when click on Severe Weather icon, Removed "()" from Danger Alert

2. Navigation - Route list does not reset after it is viewed, improved Maneuver List, removed line between position and destination, changed "You Have Arrived" timer from 30 seconds to 10 seconds, improved route calculations, eliminated unnecessary reroutes, reduced number of U-Turns calculated, removed "Ding" sound while rerouting

3. General Improvements - Trip Computer UI given a new look, text balanced, centered and constrained throughout, dimmed checkboxes used on Navigation Instruction Option screen, spelling/grammar corrections

Here's a link to the support webpage: