Adding POIs to a Magellan 2200T


I have a Magellan 2200T. Yeah, I know. Magellan has old maps and old POI files and releases no new ones, ever. I complained to them about that.

I'm gonna buy a Garmin NUVI350 or something one day.

Anyway: I installed the Magellan software, downloaded some comma delimited POI files from here and some other places. Opened them in the Magellan software (which seems VERY limited!). Told it which was the lattitude, longitude and name. It spit out a .mgln file.

The question is this: Clearly some of the POI files that I downloaded are more complex than the Magellan software expects, having multiple lines in each cell, stuff like that (the Walmart one). Stuff that is clearly within the capabilities of the Magellan unit, it has many POIs with multiple lines of information. But it appears the software doesn't really support these files, or not well.

I haven't yet tried to put any of them in the unit, I have been gathering them and converting them, with many errors from the Magellan software.

The question I have is this: Is there any other software that can make or convert the files to Magellan software? Hopefully with much more capabilities?

Alternately can someone give me any tips about converting these POI files to Magellan format and getting them to actually work? With all the errors I saw when converting the files I have my doubts as to how well this is all going to work.

This site seems to be mainly Garmin users, there is little info on Magellan. Probably for good reason, I don't much care for Magellan's business practices, specifically their failure to ever release any new maps or data even though their units are clearly upgradeable and they tout the SD cards and all that stuff..