MSN Screen Page on Garmin 680


I watched a video about the Garmin 680 on When they showed the MSN screen page, the traffic, weather, gas and movie icons each had the number "100%" displayed on their respective icon. I'm guessing it represents the percentage of downloaded data for each category. My 680 doesn't display that. Is that a feature of the 2008 mapping software? I'm still running V8.

MSN screen Page

I just upgraded my NUVI 680 mapping software to NT 2008 and I still don't see any percentages on the MSN Icons. It makes me wonder if the NUVI that was being demonstrated was using a software update that hasn't been released yet. Something we could look forward to???

My C580 doesn't show any

My C580 doesn't show any percentages I would imagine they would be similar...


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MSN Screen with Percentages

Here's the CNET video I was referring to in my first post.

Not on C580

No percentages showing on my C580, but it would be nice. What would be even nicer would be a stronger FM signal.


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Garmin support told me Tuesday that an update for MSN is

It is in the works now. I hope she was right and that it comes out soon.
Garmin support was really good Tuesday, by the way...

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Weak in picking up FM signal

Agree that it's weak in picking up the FM MSN signal. If the power cord is below the car windows I rarely pick up the signal and I live well within the coverage area. If I mount the GPS on the windshield or drape the power cord over the rear view mirror (get the cord above the window line) it picks up a strong signal. I hope they have a way to fix that.


If you watch the video carefully, when the reviewer is punching up the commands, the Icons do not show the percentages but when they show a graphic of the display, that has the percentages. It could be the graphics were early mock-up.

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