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Hello all!

I'm new to this site, but I just wanted to post this website that has common speed traps for each state.


As far as I can tell, it's pretty accurate and was wondering how difficult it would be to create a POI file based on the information listed in each city.

Anyway, cool site, I'll be digging thru here as often as I can!


I would say it would be difficult since they don't give you a street address to a lot of them. I think my venture with my Lighthouses would be easier grin

Good Luck


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Speedtrap POI

I've created one for the Taconic State Parkway in NY.

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not too hard but can be tedius

If you open some of the poi files in notepad or excel you see it's mainly longitude and latitude with a name. The help files are pretty good at explaining how to make poi's

Difficult Part

That is the part I'm having problems with. This is the site I was given but still have problems on how to put the numbers in.


How do I enter this Number into that website?
N 41° 43.746 W 086° 54.672

I want the website to do all my thinking and i don't want to have to use a calculator to figure this out.

If i can't figure it out by June grin then I will manually enter the info into the 2720. I'm only interested in the pictures of the places I find.


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When I put those settings

When I put those settings into URL, you should have received this:
Longitude: 86.900187
Latitude: 41.716874°
Longitude always come with a - before the corrdinates to display this:
-86.900187 Longitude
41..716874 Latitude
You insert the longitude in Cell A and in Cell B you insert the Latitude, Cell C, the name of the site, an in Cell D(optional) you can insert address, city, phone number etc (if you desire)

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this is what I get from

this is what I get from google earth
-86.911200,41.729100 looks like a lighthouse at the end of a pier.
using the push pin at the base of the lighthouse I get
in excel you would enter into
Cell A

Cell B

Cell C
Water Street Marina

Cell D
Lake Michigan

save file type as CSV
and that's your poi/csv file

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Let me ask you this. Is

Let me ask you this.

Is their a way to make it so the "speedtrap" csv files send an alert when your within the parameters, or does it only work if you set them as a navi point?

Figured it out!

Okay to some degree I figured it out. I just didn't no which was the Lat & which number was the Lon. Yeah it's pretty bad I had to learn all this this stuff when I was in the Navy several years back.

When I enter the numbers in then convert them back to my original number it doesn't come out to be the same as:

N 41° 43.746 Latitude(My Original One)
W 086° 54.672 Longitude (My Original One)

41° 43' 0.746500" Latitude (There Configuration)
86° 55' 0.673300" Longitude (There Configuration)

Are the difference really going to matter. I just don't want to end up some where different.


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I'm Getting there!


I played around with Google Earth A little when I was visiting family back in Essex, MA last year. My relative was showing me how to use it but I guess I wasn't paying attention.

I know they make a Google Earth Pro or something by that name. Is there an advantage to having that over the free version. Of course free is aways better.

My biggest weakness is figuring out any kind of directions and its pretty bad as I work for a shipping company. Thank God I don't have to give directions.

Okay so for this lighthouse my csv file would look like:

-86.911679,41.728974,Lighthouse Name,Michigan City IN

I know you talk about using Microsoft excel to create the file but can't you just use notepad then save the file as text with a .csv extension. I know excel would be more organized. Just a thought.

I created an excel file the other day I have tabs set up for the different states (for example: CT,NH,IN,NY,MA,ME,MI,RI,WI) These are LH's that are probably ones I would visit since I go to these locations a lot. I also have:

Cell A: Lighthouse Name
Cell B: Latitude & Longitude Points
Cell C: Location
Cell D: Miscellaneous Information

Now that I know how to convert the numbers I would like to insert another colum in between B & C. But what do I call the converted numbers.

I got all the information from.

Thanks again for everyones help and being patient with me.


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re: I'm getting there

You can use notepad, however excel adds quotation marks around the text when saving a .csv file. This is helpful if you have forced linebreaks within a field.
Going back to your question on the excel file: As mentioned earlier, the ending .csv file needs to be in the order: Longitude, Latitude, Text, Text with the last text being optional.

My gsuggestion is that you have the first column be your converted longitutde, the second column your converted latitude, your 3rd column your Lighthouse Name, and your fourth column the location.

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Exel Files

a new zero day attack was reported Sunday that exploits Microsoft Excel. Until a patch is available, you should avoid saving or opening Excel files and attachments unless you're sure they're safe. Read more here:

Make sure you know the source of the file.

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I believe this refers to files created with Excel which are saved as Excel files (xls, etc). Even though some csv files were created with Excel, they are basically text files.

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Yes, you are on your way

Follow Mkahn's suggestions and read the faq & help area on csv format
Then practice making some test files around the area in which live.

You can use notepad, I actually prefer notepad - However, each and every comma and quotation must be manually placed, whereas excel will put the commas and quotations where needed.
There are excellent examples and explanations in the faq & help (a must read)


I think the free version of google earth is sufficient for me - read more here


I think you've figured out which number is the Longitude. In decimal form and in our part of the world it will have the - in front

Remember - the specific order is required


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How do you call out a sound file to play at a point?

I d/l the Taconic speed trap file (which is used every day) and noticed that it "beeps" early, and continues to beep until I reach the actual location. It even beeps faster when I go faster too. wink

I would like to create custom sound files for custom POIs.




If you click on the Sounds link at the top of the page, you will find many sounds that have been created. And if you scroll to the bottom of that page, you will find the instructions on how to load them.


Thanks, Mama!
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